Our Partners

Quality Products Are Vital, So Is Backup Service.

We choose our hearing aids and laboratories carefully and only research and test products from the “Big 6” global suppliers. Oticon Denmark is our core partner for good reason Best Hearing Aid Brands – Top Manufacturers in 2018. They also now offer a three-year warranty on most products. Each brand has certain pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses and a certain sound quality or ‘personality’. We define this and use it to get an ideal match between person and product.


We constantly research and test new hearing aids and even wear them ourselves. Specifications and features can be confusing, and getting the best cost-to-benefit ratio can be hard. We make it easy for you.

We personally visit international companies and research centres on an annual basis to be inspired and learn about new developments on a first-hand basis.

GN Resound laboratory, Denmark

Kongebakken, Oticon HQ, Copenhagen

“Mad Scientists” EUHA Conference, Nuremburg, Germany