Hearing Aids

There Are Two Broad Categories Of Hearing Aid:
Behind The Ear And All-In- The-Ear.

Small “Open Fit” aids

Small “Open Fit” aids offer a high-fidelity sound quality because the receiver or loudspeaker is in the ear canal, there is no blocked or voice-in-a-barrel feeling because there is no occluding earmold, that’s why they are also the most comfortable and easy to get used to. They are also the style where the most Artificial Intelligence features used to spot speech pattern are employed. This category of hearing aid is also made for direct communication with iPhone and now Android phones.

CIC or Completely-in-the-canal Aids

CIC or completely-in-the-canal aids have their place and are ideal for very sport active people, but don’t come packed with the same degree of high tech features, ad-ons and ‘openness’ of the behind the ear solutions. It’s a matter of preference, hearing loss and lifestyle.