Industry and Other

Our Range Of Other Services


We have two Department of Labor certified Audiometrists who do screening tests for our industrial partners. Health and safety officers should be aware of the strict new rules governing hearing protection, preservation and monitoring. We supply class leading custom-made noise protectors by Protec Ear (see products). We either do testing on site to avoid down time or facilitate small groups at our various offices.

Wholesale Battery Sales

Hearing aids cost a lot, running them should not. We try to just cover our costs on hearing aid batteries. Our retail prices are often lower than what pharmacies pay wholesale. The same applies to the new wave of rechargeable batteries, we just cover costs. All offices carry stock of wholesale batteries.

Hearing Aid Servicing

We use state of the art ULTRAVAC machines to do maintenance services on any make of hearing aid. The vacuum system actually draws moisture out of the microphones and other components and dries the aid, thus ensuring less problems and a longer lifespan for your hearing aid.

  • We re-tube molds for any type of traditional BTE hearing aid without charge.
  • We take impressions for any custom-made ear product, be it a noise protector or swim plug.
  • Light cerumen management is offered when appropriate at certain venues.