Hearing Loss In Adults

Our Core Service Is Testing And Fitting Hearing Aids To Adults

Our core service is testing and fitting hearing aids to adults with hearing loss due to the normal ageing process, noise damage and various congenital factors etc. Most adults have selective hearing loss where only certain frequencies have deteriorated. Usually one hears the vowel sound (a,e,i,o,u) loudly, but cannot make out the consonants (th,ff,ss) which give definition or clarity. This is frustrating when someone does not look at you when talking or there is background noise (e.g. restaurants). TV also seems ‘loud’ but not ‘clear’ despite putting up the volume.
Just as we all eventually need reading glasses to see clearly, we almost all end up needing a hearing aid to hear clearly. Its natural. Therefore, we don’t treat our clients as ‘patients’ with something ‘wrong’ but as individuals seeking to enhance their quality of life and connectedness with life – friends, family, loved ones, co-workers and nature.

As such we seek to break down the stigmas and mental barriers to starting what should be a life changing experience. We do this through trial periods, choosing only the neatest and most aesthetically pleasing products, and those with the most natural sound quality and education.

Further reading about hearing loss: www.betterhearing.org